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How to Eat an Essay! Step by simple step instructions for writing an essay. This fun list is a favorite student handout and a must-have resource for any essay writer!

Motivating a Reluctant Writer Tips and insights for helping less-than-eager writers engage in the writing process with enthusiasm!

To Google or Not to Google Information literacy overview of the modern challenges of online and offline research.




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Our Purpose

Write Foundations was created to assist parents with the education of their children in language arts. Our goal is to provide relevant writing development programs, quality professional coaching, and valuable resources for students from 6th grade through college. We are committed to offering expert instruction in a variety of formats in order to meet the needs of our individual students.


Our Philosophy

Our integrated approach teaches writing concepts in the context of the “big picture.” We believe writing is not an isolated skill; therefore, we incorporate assignments on various topics, appealing to the diverse interests of our students.

Further, the habit of writing is foundational to the development of good critical thinking skills. Our assignments begin with concrete reporting of facts and move to abstract discussions and analyses. Our experienced coaches guide students through the writing process, sharpening thinking skills as they go.

Finally, English grammar, as well as punctuation and spelling, are taught within the context of good writing. While good writing necessarily includes good grammar; good grammar does not guarantee good writing. By teaching grammar as a component of good writing we maintain its relevance and provide our students with practical applications for what they learn.


Our Faith

Write Foundations is a Christian company in that we believe our faith in Jesus Christ permeates every area of our lives, including education. While we are pleased to serve students from various backgrounds and diverse viewpoints, biblical components are incorporated into some of our 6-12th grade class assignments. Our goal is to use the Bible and the lessons contained in it as valuable and effective teaching tools. Ultimately, we strive to glorify our Lord in all that we do.