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How to Eat an Essay! Step by simple step instructions for writing an essay. This fun list is a favorite student handout and a must-have resource for any essay writer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer you need, please feel free to contact us!

1.  How does Rolling Enrollment work?

We realize that skill levels don't always follow the school year, so a student may be ready for the first semester of a class in January, March, or October. No problem! Rolling Enrollment allows students to begin any 16-week semester class at any time and take up to 6 months to complete the class if needed. Our coaches will set the schedule accordingly and provide new lessons and feedback on completed assignments weekly.

2.  How involved should parents be?

Write Foundations provides comprehensive writing instruction including examples, practice activities, assignments, and constructive feedback on writing projects. Parents are encouraged to oversee assignment completion and monitor interactions between the student and coach.

3.  I don’t know which program is best for my student. Do you offer any placement services?

Yes! We would be glad to conduct a formal evaluation then make a recommendation. The evaluation fee of $75 is waived when the student is enrolled in a semester class.

4.  What if illness or vacation puts us behind?

We understand that life is often unpredictable and even the best laid plans may go awry! We encourage students and parents to follow the pre-planned schedule if possible for the sake of consistency; however, the online programs are designed to accommodate 1-2 week schedule changes when necessary.

5.  Can a parent substitute a different assignment for the ones Write Foundations assigns?

Each assignment we give is designed to teach a particular skill within the scope and sequence of the program. Substituting different assignments may create holes in the developing skill set and cause the program to be less effective. By enrolling in our programs, the parent and student agree to follow the coursework and timeline outlined by Write Foundations.

Working with my writing coach really challenged me to develop my skills, but I’m a better writer and thinker as a result. Now that I’m taking college classes, I really appreciate the strong foundation I gained in writing.  ~ Morgan S., student in Illinois

6.  What if I enroll and am not satisfied with the program?

We are committed to your satisfaction and will work to resolve any concern that may arise! We offer a full refund prior to the first day of class should your academic plans change. We also provide partial refunds up to the add/drop day in week three. If you need to withdraw because of a family or medical emergency, refunds will be considered on a case by case basis at any point during the course.

7.  Am I required to purchase any textbooks?

Write Foundations is pleased to include all required instructional materials with each of our classes. No additional textbooks are required. We do recommend having a reference book on hand – if you do not already own one, we suggest the Writers Inc. student handbook as an easy to use guide. For consistency, our programs follow the rules and formatting outlined by the MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines.

8.  Does Write Foundations provide grades?

Write Foundations provides percentages that parents can easily convert to letter grades based on the parents’ grading scale.

9.  Can adults take the courses?

We welcome adults who want to sharpen their writing skills. Our programs develop writing skills from beginner to advanced levels and are not limited to specific age groups.

10.  Can non-homeschooled students take the classes?

Yes! Non-homeschooled students will benefit from the individualized attention our coaches provide. Our semester classes may be used to supplement grammar and composition work done in school, and our 9-week workshops allow students to explore writing styles and sharpen specific skills.

11.  How much time should we set aside for Write Foundations assignments?

The average student should plan to spend approximately 30-60 minutes each day (five days per week; 2.5-5 hours) to complete activities and assignments. However, the time it takes an individual student to complete the work depends on several factors including the level of class, difficulty of assignment, student's personality, attention to detail, and interest. Most of our high school students report spending a total of 4-6 hours a week on a paper.

12.  Does a Write Foundations class count as a full credit?

For each level, we offer two semester classes (i.e. Write Style I & II). These two classes taken in sequence are designed to complete 1 full credit. One semester class or a workshop class may be combined with other classes or at home work to make 1 credit as the parent decides.

13.  How do we book a workshop or standardized testing for our group?

Please call 815-501-8922 or email to arrange a workshop or standardized testing for your group. We look forward to serving you!