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How to Eat an Essay! Step by simple step instructions for writing an essay. This fun list is a favorite student handout and a must-have resource for any essay writer!

Motivating a Reluctant Writer Tips and insights for helping less-than-eager writers engage in the writing process with enthusiasm!

To Google or Not to Google Information literacy overview of the modern challenges of online and offline research.




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Program Options to Reach Your Goals!

Our classes provide structure and consistency for the learning process while also accommodating the scheduling needs of busy families. Each program is well-organized and easy-to-follow. Students are engaged in the writing process through clear instruction plus interesting and relevant writing assignments. Each class helps students gain confidence as they master new skills.

Our rolling enrollment offers the option to start a semester class anytime. Each class provides structure and accountability while allowing the flexibility to take time off for illness, vacations, or other scheduling needs.



Online Comprehensive Writing Classes

I’m excited to continue this class. I hope I do it all my high school years. It really worked well for me in every way! Thank you!  ~ Haley V., student in Illinois

We offer 16-week semester classes:

Fundamentals I & Fundamentals II (recommended for beginning writers in 6-8th grades)
Students are introduced to the basics of writing including punctuation marks, parts of speech, sentence structure, and creating solid paragraphs. These foundational skills are practiced through engaging and concrete writing assignments each week. Once students have a strong foundation in the mechanics of writing, they are ready to move on to formal writing structures such as the essay.

Building Blocks I & Building Blocks II (recommended for intermediate writers in 6-8th grades)
Students build on their knowledge of writing mechanics to create multiple paragraph papers. They learn to write an interesting introduction, solid body, and cohesive conclusion. Finally, they begin to use outlines to organize their thoughts and create transitions between paragraphs for flow. By the end of the year, they write well-planned, interesting, and easy to follow five paragraph essays.

Write Elements I & Write Elements II (recommended for beginning writers in high school)
After a rapid review of punctuation and grammar, students will expand their knowledge of style and form. Creative assignments give students the opportunity to experience writing from multiple perspectives. Students will begin to move from concrete topics to abstract discussions that sharpen their thinking skills as well.

Write Style I & Write Style II (recommended for intermediate writers in high school)
Students are introduced to a variety of writing styles (essays, research paper, persuasive, business, critiques, etc.) giving them the ability to write well in many situations. From literary analyses to persuasive papers, students learn to craft their words carefully to create a polished final product.

Write Thinker I & Write Thinker II (recommended for advanced writers in high school)
Articulate writing and critical thinking skills go together. This class focuses on developing the thought processes of the budding writer to "think like a writer." Observations, creativity, analyses, and original ideas are sharpened as students consider audience needs and how best to get their point across. Students become familiar with using outside sources and employing a variety of styles to write effectively. Students also complete the writing portion for a Science Fair Project (or other scientific study and report) in the second semester class.

The feedback given was very helpful and understandable. While the lessons were a lot of work they did stretch me, and I appreciate that.  ~ Candace C., student in Illinois

Write Scholar I & Write Scholar II (recommended for advanced writers in high school as preparation for writing in college)
Students learn to write with a scholarly tone, incorporating in-depth research, expert quotes, and critical thought into their papers. Assignments are designed to strengthen the advanced writer's ability to write clearly and credibly on a variety of topics. Students who successfully complete this class will be able to confidently complete any college writing assignment.

We also offer 9-week intensive classes in:

  • Essay writing
  • Short Stories
  • Research papers

This class [Short Story Intensive] showed me how important it is to brainstorm before I write. The weeks leading up to the first draft forced me to think through every aspect of my story.  ~ Bethany M., student in Illinois

First of all, thank you for your great influence in [my daughter's] life this winter.  Your Essay Intensive course was EXACTLY what she needed to gain both the skills and the confidence to allow her writing to blossom.  She sat for the SAT two weekends ago and will do so again for the ACT in three weeks.  She felt very solid about the testing and came away feeling like she did quite well on the writing portion of the test (in stark contrast to her attempt prior to your course).  ~ Melanie H., Mom in Ohio

Complete and Personalized Programs
Evaluation/Consultation allows us to make recommendations based on your specific strengths and weaknesses.
Private, professional coaching is an excellent choice for students who want one-on-one attention and a plan tailored to meet your specific goals.
A personalized program can be created just for you by our expert coaches to provide advice, direction, and peace of mind (includes evaluation/consultation, curriculum recommendations, and course/assignment outlines).

I am so pleased with how well [my son] is doing under your guidance.  ~ Lisa D., Mom in Illinois

You give the assignments, we do the work!

Parent Pro program allows parents or teachers to give assignments and choose curriculum while a Write Foundations coach provides accountability, proofreading, and professional feedback. Each assignment may be submitted to the coach twice. This allows students to apply the coach's feedback and resubmit the paper for a second review.

My son’s literature teacher noticed a huge difference in his writing after just a few lessons with his writing coach. Thank you!  ~ Brenda J., Mom in Illinois 


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  Thank you so much for teaching my son to write. You are a gifted and talented teacher. I thank God for what you have done for my family this year.  ~Sunita S., Mom in Illinois