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How to Eat an Essay! Step by simple step instructions for writing an essay. This fun list is a favorite student handout and a must-have resource for any essay writer!

Motivating a Reluctant Writer Tips and insights for helping less-than-eager writers engage in the writing process with enthusiasm!

To Google or Not to Google Information literacy overview of the modern challenges of online and offline research.




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Our student's most exceptional work has been showcased in our monthly e-newsletter (with the student's permission, of course). Now, we are excited to be working on this special page where we will post the very best writing. These papers will also serve as examples to current students for form, content, and analysis.

Preparing to Write

Student Sample: Outline

Writing about History

Student Sample: The Taj Mahal

Student Sample: Nuremberg Trials

Student Sample: John Wilkes Booth

Writing about Literature

Student Sample: Theme Analysis of A Christmas Carol

Writing about Geography

Student Sample: Greece for Kids

Writing to Explore

Student Sample: Jamestown

Student Sample: Symbols of America

Research Papers

Student Sample: The Seven Days Battles

Student Sample: Cancer's Strong Survivors

Short Stories

Student Sample: Changes Over Time