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How to Eat an Essay! Step by simple step instructions for writing an essay. This fun list is a favorite student handout and a must-have resource for any essay writer!

Motivating a Reluctant Writer Tips and insights for helping less-than-eager writers engage in the writing process with enthusiasm!

To Google or Not to Google Information literacy overview of the modern challenges of online and offline research.




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Tuition and Fees
In addition to our competitive rates, we offer a variety of discounts to better serve our families!

  • Semester class (16 weeks) $199.00 **returning student $179.00
  • Intensive class (9 weeks) $129.00 **returning student $119.00
  • Evaluation/Consultation $75.00 *fee waived with class enrollment
  • Private, professional coaching $45.00/hour *purchased in 4-hour blocks $140.00
  • Personalized program $295.00  (includes evaluation/consultation, curriculum recommendations, and course/assignment outlines)
  • Parent Pro program

1 paper - $20; 5 papers - $80; 10 papers - $140

Outstanding Discounts

  • 5% off for families with two or more students enrolled simultaneously.
  • Reduced tuition rates for returning students. Discounted rates listed above.
  • $10 credit with our referral program. Refer a friend and receive a $10 credit toward any Write Foundations product or class.

Refund Policy

  • 100% refund prior to first day of class
  • 90% refund prior to first day of second week
  • 50% refund prior to add/drop day (last day of third week of class)
  • Refunds will be given prior to the add/drop day for each class which is the last day of week three. After that day, refund requests due to family or medical emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis.