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How to Eat an Essay! Step by simple step instructions for writing an essay. This fun list is a favorite student handout and a must-have resource for any essay writer!

Motivating a Reluctant Writer Tips and insights for helping less-than-eager writers engage in the writing process with enthusiasm!

To Google or Not to Google Information literacy overview of the modern challenges of online and offline research.




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Writers' Resources

The OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University

This comprehensive website offers information on a wide variety of writing styles, step by step instructions, search tools, and the latest formatting guidelines for both MLA and APA styles. If you have a writing question, the OWL probably has the answer!

Internet Public Library

Finding credible sources on the web is a whole lot easier when you use this librarian approved search engine. The websites here have been evaluated according to a list of criteria to ensure they are accurate, up-to-date, quality sources.

Library of Congress

The official Library of Congress website has resources for families, researchers, students, and teachers. They even have an extensive e-book collection.

Google Scholar

Of course, you can always Google it! However, a regular Google search often yields millions of results, most of which are completely unusable because they are poor quality sites with questionable credibility at best. So take your Google search to the next level with Google Scholar.

Great Books Online

Find full text for classic books or search Bartleby's extensive library for just the right quote to enhance your written piece or speech.

Bible Gateway

Search over 100 versions of the Bible in 50 languages at Bible Gateway. Copy and paste verses or entire passages to quote in your writing. Do you have a verse in mind but can't think of the reference to find it? Or do you want to compare translations? You can do all of this at Bible Gateway.

American Rhetoric

Learn from the words of famous Americans as you listen to speeches, read transcripts, or explore the writings of the classical thinkers on the topic of communication. This website is a fun place to visit and a great source of quotes and other information.

The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum complex and research organization. Visit their website for amazing online tours, information, and more.

This easy to navigate site is an all-in-one online dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, quote source, and translator. Wordsmith your writing with a quick trip to this useful website.

Associated Press

The Associated Press publishes the authoritative stylebook for journalistic writing. From punctuation usage to how to address a subject in a news piece, the AP stylebook has it all.

American Psychological Association

You may be wondering why this link found its way onto the list of writing resources. The answer is simple: APA publishes a publication guide for scholarly writers in the social sciences. The link provided here is their official website.

Modern Language Association

The MLA publication guide is generally used for scholarly writing in English and the humanities. Many high school classes also require students to format papers and bibliographies according to MLA rules. This link is the official website.